Thursday, 26 February 2015

Unravel rewind

Gosh, I can't believe it's Thursday already! Maybe it was all the excitement of the weekend, or I'm getting old but I don't feel quite recovered yet...

That is not to say that it wasn't a lovely weekend, because it certainly was. Friday felt a little frantic as we'd come down from Wales, set up and started trading all on the same day - by the evening we barely had enough energy to stumble across the hotel car park for dinner and were in bed by 9.30, but Saturday brought a very solid breakfast with endless coffee refills and we arrived at the Maltings to find our stall bathed in sunshine.

We met so many wonderful and enthusiastic people and really enjoyed hearing the response to our yarns. The Linus shawl was a big hit again, as was the Gotland wool which left us by the armfuls.

Maddy stopped by to show off her carefully coordinated Harvest cardigan in thick Pirkkalanka:

and Mark got a lot of admiration and encouragement for being a Man Who Knits:

For me, by far the hardest part of yarn shows is watching everyone parade their beautiful knits in front of me all day long! I have a project list as long as my arm and then some, but I just kept seeing wonderful ideas that I want to cast on immediately...
I tried really hard to contain myself, but eventually succumbed to John Arbon's bargain basket which was right under my nose tempting me all weekend.
I snaffled up all their beautiful Viola yarn in underweight hanks, unintentionally replicating a colour combination that seemed to be the theme of the event: blues and teals with mustard

and then, in a fit of madness, I picked up 4 bags of broken Superfine Merino tops because what I really need right now is to start spinning a whole new sweater project. In black, midnight blue and anthracite. yup.

I blame the lady in the hand spun Vitamin D. This is her doing.
Were you at Unravel? Did you pick up anything fun for a new project? Or maybe just planned one from home?

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  1. Looking forward to your blog post after The Edinburgh Yarn Festival as I'll know what you've been talking about. The stall looked fab at Unravel - when I see things like this I wish I had been there!