Tuesday 21 October 2014


"Raggsockor". The Swedish equivalent of looking forward to a mug of hot chocolate.

We Swedes like to indulge in winter. We wallow in it. We curl up indoors with mugs of hot chocolate and log fires and enjoy listening to the wind blowing around our triple-glazed windows. We even have a word for clothes for being cosy in - "myskläder". When I was little, those were mostly velour pants...

And nothing is as comforting as pulling on a pair of Raggsocks. Thick, aran-weight socks knitted in a yarn typically plied in two different colours, adding to the raggedy, rustic effect, and with a generous ribbed ankle and plain foot, these are wonderful as house socks or warming boot socks. If you are 5 years old (mentally), they are great for skating on wooden floors. But most of all, they are super quick to knit!

So as the wind and rain and autumn seem to have finally reached the UK, I am pleased to say that we now stock genuine Raggsockyarn from Svarta Fåret at Midwinter Yarns.

Traditional greys and red
Modern brights

Available in 10 marled colours as per tradition,  this is the only yarn at Midwinter that contains a percentage of man-made fibre - 30% polyamide. The only reason for that is because of the increased wear that socks suffer - I am a fierce advocate for natural fibres (i.e. a yarn snob) but even I have had to admit that adding a little poly to socks makes them last and wash so very much longer, and make them worth the work.

Adult socks take 3 balls - all purchases of 3 balls or more receive a free pattern for the socks, of course!

I tried a few different brands before picking Svarta Fåret for the shop, partly because of the fun colours, but also because it is very nice and soft, so no itchy socks here! The yarn can of course also be used for any other garments, it knits up just like a normal aran weight :)

For the ultimate in Swedish chic, wear with clogs, although sadly I don't currently own any !

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Hiro Cardigan

Finally off the needles!

Pattern: Hiro
Yarn: Vahva Pirkkalanka - Worsted weight
Colours: Deep Orange, Moss, Chartreuse, Denim
Needles: 4.5mm
Modifications: Added extra colourwork around the bottom hem, omitted buttonbands as sewed in a zip instead.