Sunday 16 November 2014

Oh dear....

My sincerest apologies for the gap in blogging - lots of things have been going on in the Midwinter household... Last month we thought we were gearing up for a house move to West Wales - this sadly fell through but what with silver linings, in the midst of it all, we got engaged!

Last weekend we made a little trip to London to meet the wonderful Christina Ecco who made my beautiful ring to make a couple of alterations to it - I cannot recommend her enough, both for her elegant designs and her incredible customer service and general amazingness. Do have a look at her Etsy shop, either for special occasions or just as a treat!

I could probably have arranged the alterations by post, but it felt like a good excuse to spend a weekend catching up with friends in our old home city - we lived in London for 8 years before moving to Wales. We spend the weekend mostly....stuffing our faces! The record must have been in Islington where we lunch at Wagamama and their copious portions, came out swearing we would never eat again, strolled up all 150yards of Camden Passage (via Loop, of course) and came out the other side thinking that tea and cake would be lovely round about now.

I was very restrained in Loop - I ve wanted some Madelinetosh Prairie lace weight for some time but even though I love her dyeing, I haven't been able to find a colour that quite worked for me til now. This time I found a few to hesitate between and finally settled on Dirty Panther, a beautiful graphite grey. No idea what I will make with it yet, but it's just so pretty and soft :)

As we had a couple of errands to run across London, I got a chance to spend a little longer on the Tube and get my knitting out which took me back a bit! When we lived there, most of my knitting progress happened on the TfL, entire sweaters knitted going up and down the Metropolitan line...

I wish I could tell you what that piece of knitting is, but unfortunately, we have now entered Super Secret Christmas Knitting Season and I can't say anything beyond that it is our beautiful Gotland Wool, just as I can't tell you what the yarns below are for, but they are some exciting new colours of Ullcentrum 3ply  - I don't officially stock them yet, but if you are interested in any of them, please let me know!

How is your Christmas knitting going? Are you working on anything for loved ones, or just indulging  in something special for yourself?