Wednesday 10 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like....

...people are going to get half-knitted jumpers wrapped up under the tree this year!
I don't understand where the autumn has gone! I don't know if it's the sudden addition of wedding planning, which, trust me, is not that big an affair, and we ve known what we wanted it to be like for a couple of years already yet I still seem to manage to spend hours looking at cake ideas instead of getting on with knitting. I suddenly seem to be the world's most easily distracted woman.

Nonetheless. We're a couple of weeks late but at least the house now looks Advent ready.

Advent is a bigger deal in Sweden than it is here, and I like it very much. Advent has its own set of decorations, the welcome lights and the star in the window, the four advent candles of course, some little table cloths featuring gingerbreads or little house elves on them. This means that you are not thrown straight into full glittery Christmas mode at the beginning of December, just a gentle sense of needing to get on with preparations whilst sipping hot chocolate.

I'm also enjoying the weather finally FINALLY turning cold and crisp. I know that a mild autumn is a blessing in many ways but nothing is quite as invigorating as stepping outside and seeing your breath in front of you. And as daylight is so scarse, I'm trying to make use of every moment I can to fill up, be it having coffee and scones with the best view in Caerphilly (from the Visitor Centre straight on to the Castle, much recommended) or snatching a little al fresco knitting in the garden, bundled up in all the layers you've got.

This really is the season when being a knitter comes into its own! Noone gets to be quite as toasty and cosy as we are :)

I do wish I could show you some actual knitting happening...but there are some nosy little elves who may be reading this blog and I don't want to spoil any surprises! So in the meantime, I wish you all a very happy Advent time - what presents are you working on? Do tell us below!