Sunday, 15 February 2015

Easy like Sunday morning...

Pattern: Kynance Cove by Isabell Kraemer

Yarn: Filcolana Gotland Wool in Cocoa, Deep Sea Green and Vibrant Green

Needles: 4mm

The perfect, perfect lounge sweater! I am so very pleased with it!
The yarn is light as air, only 550gr for a loose, long sweater in 53inch bust size, and the hairy mohair aspect typical of the Gotland sheep makes it feel completely different from all my other woolly garments. It's just loose and lovely and comfy and warm.

The pattern is very well written too, and clever: the sleeves look set in but the sweater is actually worked top-down, which means there is some utter witchcraft going on at the beginning, but keep with it because it eventually starts to make sense.

Can't wait to show it off at Unravel next weekend now :)


  1. Don't put this one in the washing machine just to 'fluff it up'!!!

    1. Don't worry, I wont make that mistake again! This one is plenty fluffy already :)