Wednesday 15 February 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, it's Mark here - a bit late, but better late than never?
Though to us, the show year is just about to get started and who looks at countdowns on big clocks when you've got a yarn show to look forward to!

We were lucky this year, in that we made a bit of a guest appearance to start the year off with. We were asked by the lovely Enrico to help out on his first ever Les Tricoteurs Volants stall at the Aiguille en Fete in Paris.

We had a great time and met so many fantastic people, not at least those people who had to put up with my total lack of French (I hope my miming skills were amusing though... ever seen someone try to mime through an explanation of how a shawl is constructed without coherent words?)

Also those amazing people who took a power cut in their stride and despite the lack of light, turned on the torches on their phones to carry on, examining the yarn as best they could by torchlight! As if a mere power cut could stop knitters...

On the home front, we have some really exciting things brewing in the background  here at Midwinter Yarns. There *may* be a new, completely exclusive yarn coming to us soon. I can't say much more at the moment - until it magically arrives at the premises I don't want to jinx it but I can say we're really, really thrilled by the prospect and can't wait to get started.

In the meantime, we're impatient to to get the show season started and we'll be Unravel in Farnham Maltings this weekend. It's a three day show in a really lovely venue, there is quite a bit to see with about 70 vendors selling a variety of yarn and woolly things.
If you're interested just click the link -Unravel 2017

                                                 On The Needles:

Estelle - Is power knitting her way through her Ready For Fall sweater to get show ready for the weekend. Although she did relieve Enrico of some hand spun in Paris to make herself a hat on the side.

Mark - I'm finishing off my Boneyard in the beautiful Loch Lomond yarn I discovered in Paris. The unusual choice of colours is Estelle's , but I think she did that on purpose so she can steal it when it's ready. 

                                               Upcoming Shows:

Unravel will be 17th-19th Feb  in Farnham.
A great show to start off with, some really interesting vendors and really nice customers. We will be in the same space as we were last year in the main hall.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival will be 10th-11th March in the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh.
If you've never been to this show, then you've been missing out. We're in a different spot this year, in a corner stand, so hopefully we'll be easy to spot! 

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  1. Hi there, I saw your lovely stand at Wonderwool last weekend. I was very impressed with your selection of yarns and gorgeous colours. I am bearing you in mind and saving my pennies for a project, Mary