Monday 25 November 2019

Chunky stripe leg warmers

I really feel that leg warmers are a vastly underrated accessory, yet they are really easy to knit, and frankly really useful to wear.  They're great for covering any gap between the bottom of leggings and the top of boots, or just as extra insulation to stop cold air going up your trouser legs. 

These very simple striped leg warmers use our Snaeldan 4ply weight yarn as it is a good, strong yarn that will cope with the occasional scuff from a boot, and that is a nice warm pure wool, of course.

This pattern is written for use with the Magic Loop technique - using a longer cable circular needle to work in the round. There are many tutorials on this technique on YouTube - I am not promoting one in particular as there are so many knitting styles too, so please feel free to find one that suits you best. 

This pattern can also be worked on Double Pointed Needles or any other method that allows you to knit small circumferences in the round. 

Sizes/circumference:  S/24cm - M/26cm - L/28cm
Length: 33cm

Needles: 2.5mm circular needle, min 80cm cable for Magic Loop OR 2.5mm DPN

Gauge: 28sts/10cm

Yarn requirement: Snaeldan 4ply weight
MC: 50gr - 50gr - 100gr
CC: 50gr - 50gr - 50gr

With MC, cast on 68 - 74 - 80 sts using the long tail method. Place a marker for the beginning of round if needed.

Join in the round making sure not to twist your work, and work 16 rounds in k1,p1 rib.

Knit on round in MC

Attach CC and knit 10 rounds, carrying your non-working yarn up the inside and twisting it over the working yarn every two rows to secure.

Change to MC and knit 10 rounds. 

Continue in this 10-round stripe pattern until 9 stripes have been worked in total, finishing with a CC stripe. 

Break CC and continue in MC only

Knit one round

Work 16 rounds of k1,p1 rib

Cast off loosely in k1,p1 pattern

Repeat for second leg warmer. 

When finished, soak leg warmers in hand-hot water and leave to cool completely. Dry flat without stretching out too much as you want to keep these fairly dense.


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