Friday, 23 January 2015

Sea Dragon

Yarn: Ullcentrum 2ply Gradient in Blue-Green-Purple (2 hanks)  + Filcolana Gotland Wool in Peacock Blue (50grams if that)
Needles: 4mm

Shamelessly inspired by Linnea's version in the Fall colourway, I was so excited to knit this to show off Ullcentrum's beautiful Green-Blue-Purple gradient!
The Sea Dragon is a great, quick knit - I was a bit confused by the short row instructions at first but once you have a few more stitches on the needles it starts making more sense, and gradients are so addictive to knit just want to keep going that little bit further to see the colour change!

I would recommend working 15 wedges - I worked the full 16 of the large version but I really barely had enough yarn. It's a huge shawl anyway so 15 wedges will be plenty :)

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