Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gearing up for Edinburgh

We've been looking forward to it all winter, and it seemed so far away, but now Edinburgh Yarn Festival is nearly upon us!

Only two more sleeps and then it's time for our epic road trip to Scotland....where I've never been!
I'm genuinely excited about the journey itself - I love driving and especially driving vans, and my Scottish friend has given me instructions for the most scenic routes and best services so providing we survive the crack of dawn start and don't get stuck in Bristol*, it should be a good trip.


Home is a hive of activity right now, we've had re-stocking deliveries in from all our suppliers to make sure our shelves are full and inviting: batches of worsted weight Pirkkalanka ready to become sweaters, beautiful Gotland wool, a couple of new Linen colours including a fantastic red....and these:

These are solid colours Ullcentrum 2-ply. Same as our gradient 2-ply, same beautiful Swedish wool, just in solid colours...and I'm a bit in love. The yarn feels soft but still characteristically woolly, and the colours are rich and velvety. I can see these working beautifully in traditional fairisle patterns, or as a contrast to a gradient in stripes. Every time I walk past the box I pick up a hank and give it a little squish and a pet...

Mark will be labelling all those today while I continue working up a new sample in the laceweight Ullcentrum: I had an urge to show off the very popular Cerise-Orange gradient so hopefully I will have it ready in time for Saturday!

Looking forward to seeing you there :)

*having now looked at an actual map, I ve realised we're not even supposed to go through Bristol. good start...

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